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Lent — February 20, 2015


So here we are 2015 and two days into lent.  Now I don’t know how religious you are but everyone can learn a little about themselves at this time of year. How strong is your willpower? Can you give something up for 40 days and 40 nights? Well I certainly have a hard time with that.  Instead of giving something up this year I thought I would take the time and try a challenge. Another blogger I follow is reading assigned parts of the Bible. Starting on Wednesday with Mathew 1 and 2 and will continue this up to Easter Sunday.   Now when I decided to do this I can tell you that I know as much about Jesus and the Bible as someone who only goes to church once a year and has watch movies with religious references. I pray everyday and talk to the lord when I need guidance. I just don’t need to attend church to prove that.

If I need a question answer about something, or someone that was made a reference to I will “google it”  I have never really looked to the Bible to answer my questions I believe my parents  brought me up with pretty decent morals. My passion for reading and learning take over me and needless to say I wanted to know. So far the teachings I have read are things that I have grown up learning. I also find that I have to  re-read a lot of passages because of the wording. I have had to look up a lot of words. Yay for dictionaries!  Over all I am learning a lot and I encourage you all to expand your mind and read. If you can take the time and read a couple of pages or passages a day. Think about what you have read. Can you apply it to your everyday life?  I don’t always take the time to stop and think about thing but when I read a book. I put it down and try to recall what I have learned. How I feel about what I have learned? Challenge yourself.

Tis the season too soon? — November 2, 2014

Tis the season too soon?

Well here it is the most wonderful time of year is slowly approaching Halloween, Thanksgiving and my personal favorite Christmas time! It’s time for pinterest overload, and holiday crafting to begin. On the other hand the amount of stress it puts and you and your family is a hassle and should be avoided also. For example I am married and have two wonderful children, but this time of year is hard trying to squeeze in four separate Christmas celebrations in a matter of three days! Making sure everyone gets to see the grandkids and trying to please everyone. So as much as I enjoy visiting the families and seeing the joy on everyone’s faces I’m stressed to the max. I don’t want to let anyone down, and I don’t want anyone to feel left out.

On top of that Christmas tends to start earlier every year. Black Friday is no longer 12am shopping to get the best savings. Now some stores are opening Thanksgiving night! I understand we are trying to save some money and hopefully get the best deals possible to appease our loved ones because giving a gift and seeing the smile it brings makes my heart warm. I try to stick with homemade gifts that my friends and family can use and appreciate. I also will admit that I too try any way to save a dollar but we are essentially taking away time from others if we continue this madness by shopping before the holiday is even over. Let others be with their families too.

This will be the last rant I have about the holidays, please for the sake and sanity of all do not play Christmas music until after thanksgiving this time of year brings happiness and joy to all but if I hear Have a holly jolly Christmas too many times I might go a little crazy. Again don’t get me wrong I love this time of year but please be mindful to others and their families. Enjoy the traditions you and your families have baking, wrapping, putting up decorations etc. I’m a sucker for the holidays just like any one else, remember it’s not about the money you spend it’s about the Time you Give to others and the memories you make each year. I couldn’t tell you what I received for Christmas when I was 10 but I can tell you every Christmas morning I get together with my family and have breakfast because we are together and that’s what matters the most. Enjoy the holidays but don’t start too soon and don’t stress yourself out.