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the final thoughts of summer vacation and a start to another year. — August 25, 2015

the final thoughts of summer vacation and a start to another year.

So its finally here….the last day of summer vacation!!!!!!! its a bitter sweet feeling I am ready to get back into a routine, less kids to babysit, I can work on myself a little bit.  This has been a crazy summer I have enjoyed spending the extra time with everyone else kids while the work hard to provide for there families. Somedays were crazier then others, I would have honestly thought I could have been bald or with a head full of gray hair.

I don’t know if this is what I am meant to be doing with my life but for now I think it is.  We are a one income family and its hurts us pretty bad right now but its not worth me going back to work just to pay for daycare and gas.  We find ways to survive but we are barley making it.  I don’t charge my friends for watching “the precious cargo” because I am not that kind of person. Sure I would love the extra money who wouldn’t.  I don’t want to keep hearing people nag me about it any more. I am tired of it. If I didn’t want to watch these children who call me auntie then I would just say no. But  everyone is falling on hard times and they will all be in school eventually so I take advantage of the fact they are only little once.   As it turns out nobody wants to leave my house when it is time to go haha.

I have rules to be followed, snacks in the cabinet. As long as they are not trying to kill each other or jump off the furniture and try to fly I let them be kids and play.  Let kids be kids, teach them right and wrong, teach them compassion teach them to hug you and squeeze you even if there friends don’t think its cool anymore.  When they want to ask you a question or “show you something cool” give them your attention. lots of times I will be in the kitchen getting lunch ready and I will hear one of them yell for me so I put down what I’m doing or have them come over to me and show me.

You also have to make time for yourself which is super hard sometimes. I go play pool on Sundays and Monday nights so that I can be around adults.  if I don’t get up before the kids then I don’t get me time and most important coffee. I need that 15 mins to just sit. Now that school is going to be back in session I can set my alarm and be prepared. The best thing to do it make there lunches the night before get there clothes laid out its less stressful then running around half asleep. I am lucky that my son just gets up and goes in the morning a few reminders here and there but for the most part things run pretty smooth. I hope that everyone has a fantastic school year, and I look forward to reading about how other parents get there kids ready for the big days ahead!