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Another year older and another year wiser — September 22, 2015

Another year older and another year wiser

Twenty eight years I have been on the planet. I have been reflecting a lot on the thins I have done in my life. I look forward to what the future has to bring for me. My friendships have grown stronger, I have 2 beautiful boys that I love dearly, and all the children I babysit as well they all hold a place in my heart. My husband despite our ups and downs is still by my side and I grow to love him more everyday even if he cant remember to take out the stinky trash. I have made some life choices like exercising and eating better  with encouragement of my best friend.  Somedays I don’t know what I would do without her and her husband. They are the couple that besides my husband, I trust completely and will never turn there back on me.  I have to be truly blessed to have all these people in my life that care about me and my family. So what if I am getting older? That’s half the fun. The different stages you reach in your life ( even if I was a little backwards about it) kids, marriage etc.  These are all things that have mad me he person I am today.  All the good and bad decisions, I went the wrong ways but found my way back. My moral compass got spun around and I had to fix it.  However you look at it,  you have to figure out what to do with it.  I can say that I am looking forward to the next few years of my life, and what is in store for me, what trials or triumphs I will be learning from.