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Pinterest is just a good as calling your grandparents! — February 25, 2015

Pinterest is just a good as calling your grandparents!

Isn’t it funny that with all this technology we just hop online and find what we are looking for. Whether it be a new recipe, craft ideas for kids or yourself, or even a new book to read. Everything is at the tip of our fingers. Sometimes though I need to make a phone call and ask.  What we sometimes forget is that our grandparents are full of knowledge! My Pepe is a recipe book just waiting to be opened, and if you have ever eaten anything that he has made you will agree that going to Pinterest just isn’t the same when you have a Class A chef to ask. Another example is my Meme, she is a creative crafty person. If I need something for the kids to do or a project to crochet I could just call her to ask if she has any ideas for me. Then there is my little Italian grandmother who makes the best tomato sauce (gravy) I have ever had. Nothing beats it, or the stories she tells of my dad when he was a kid.

Our generation forgets to take the time to ask the people before us what they have. Take the time and sit with your grandparents if they are still alive and listen to them. They help mold this country! They are wise beyond their years, and you might learn a thing or two. I’m sure a lot of people still have grandparents that are first generation immigrants. The stories they can tell you about “the old country” and the times they used to have. It give you a great appreciation for what you have today.  I have definitely heard my fair share of “I had walk 5 miles up hill to get to school” stories, but that’s what makes them great. A lot of our grandparents had the same experiences.

So take the time and pick up the phone, call you grandparents tell hem about your lives listen to the stories they have to tell you. Fill your brains with the knowledge they give you so that you can pass it to your kids, nieces and nephews.   OR if you can go visit them! Nothing makes their heart melt more then a visit from the grandkids.

Lent — February 20, 2015


So here we are 2015 and two days into lent.  Now I don’t know how religious you are but everyone can learn a little about themselves at this time of year. How strong is your willpower? Can you give something up for 40 days and 40 nights? Well I certainly have a hard time with that.  Instead of giving something up this year I thought I would take the time and try a challenge. Another blogger I follow is reading assigned parts of the Bible. Starting on Wednesday with Mathew 1 and 2 and will continue this up to Easter Sunday.   Now when I decided to do this I can tell you that I know as much about Jesus and the Bible as someone who only goes to church once a year and has watch movies with religious references. I pray everyday and talk to the lord when I need guidance. I just don’t need to attend church to prove that.

If I need a question answer about something, or someone that was made a reference to I will “google it”  I have never really looked to the Bible to answer my questions I believe my parents  brought me up with pretty decent morals. My passion for reading and learning take over me and needless to say I wanted to know. So far the teachings I have read are things that I have grown up learning. I also find that I have to  re-read a lot of passages because of the wording. I have had to look up a lot of words. Yay for dictionaries!  Over all I am learning a lot and I encourage you all to expand your mind and read. If you can take the time and read a couple of pages or passages a day. Think about what you have read. Can you apply it to your everyday life?  I don’t always take the time to stop and think about thing but when I read a book. I put it down and try to recall what I have learned. How I feel about what I have learned? Challenge yourself.